D’Jone Anthony Rosario, known professionally as “Mook” was born in Boston, Massachusetts and moved to Huntsville Alabama at an early age. He stayed close with his Mom and siblings throughout his childhood. One thing that his Mom stressed to him from the beginning is a strong work ethic. She emphasized the idea that, “If you want something you have to go out and work for it!” He observed her go out to work every single day rain or shine. His Dad is a Cape Verdean which is located at the crossroads to Europe, America and Africa. He passed on the diversity of the African diaspora vibe, belief, and determination. Rosario attended schools in Huntsville finishing Spartan High School where he excelled in sports, especially football. He put his heart into becoming the best running back he could imagine. Early on he decided to pursue success and he wanted to make a difference. He and his siblings tried to support each other no matter what went down.

A few years ago, “Mook” tried his hand as a rapper; appearing on Zaytown Presents Zaytown Classics Mixtape, B.F.F. – Mook Featuring Rocko Da Don and Artillery South Trapping produced by Zaytoven. He appeared on the Classic Mixtape “Just Got The Pack In” Hosted by DJ Holiday and other artists he worked with include Gucci Mane. He recently reconnected with Zaytoven and Digital “Ro” Dope at Familiar Territory Records who encouraged him to get seriously focused and explore his natural talents. When “Mook” spits his lyrics, he wants everyone to be inspired to pursue their passion and believe in the possibility of success. While growing up Rosario listened to a variety of music that included every genre, so his sound is utterly unique. He loves enjoying nature and looks forward to the sights and sounds of just being by the Lake.

Now, with three boys looking to him as a role model, “Mook” is determined to pave the way for them to have a prosperous life. With this foundation he is destined for greatness. Earlier this year Mook appeared on Zaytoven Mixtape “Disrespect” and Street Etiquette Vol 1 2020. Both are on Spotify and Apple Music. Keep a look out for his upcoming project, Trappn and Robbn fully produced by Zaytoven; and his blockbuster single “Yea, Wit Da Yea” releasing on June 11. Stay tuned for other projects as 2020 unfolds.